ElemMates Link

ElemMates Link


Leslie Wallant created ElemMates.
The atom-sized element characters live in the Periodic Table inspried Atom City, a thriving metropolis.

Go to: ElemMates.com to visit the city and the whole site.


Upon arriving at the ElemMates website go to the Atom City page to explore Atom City with Evie Sparks, discoverer of this fantasy world. Every block is a city destination populated by one of 118 ElemMate families. Hover on any block to see the real element's name and symbol, then click to go to the city spot. See what the family does for the city...and check out real element info. Fall for these sparkling, floating, dancing beings that want to connect to each other to make bigger and better things...and connect kids to Fantasy, Science,  Technology, Engineering, Math, Arts and Social Action. In short it's STEM or STEAMS. 

Visit other places on the site: The Story, The Gallery where visitors can submit their own ideas for new characters, stories, stuff for the city, their own art, science and engineered projects. 

Activities, Links, Blog and the Kids In Science Club with instructions and documents to form a real club like the one Evie forms. 

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